After many years of collaborations and projects,in 2018,the designer founded her own brand-Selina Keer. And in the same year she released a collection-spring/summer 2019, which have presented in the Milan showroom.In a year,the brand produces two commercial collections, thematic capsules or special projects,and the brand also offers tailor-made ser-vices.Selina Keer clothes are a modern classic with a metered rend filling,femininity and elegance,tailoring traditions, good -an extended size range.The essence of the brand is in unique basic clothing with carefully thought-out details.Already in 2019,having passed the selection for participation in the Baltic fashion event-Riga Fashion Week, Selina Keer debut on the main platform with the pret-a-porter collection – “Blue Inspiration” spring/summer 2020.The designer always notes that experimenting and creating for shows and special projects is my favorite pastime and occupies a special place in creativity.The designer was invited to participate in the fashion histo rian Alexander Vasiliev’s show- “Fashion Alchemy”,created dresses for Riga and Vienna balls,the famous Latvian singer Aminata ordered a special pop outfit to present her new album and perform at the annual how in Riga-“Staro Rīgā“,dress for the opera diva Kristine Opolais and others…

“I draw my own unique style,which will combine femininity,relevance and fashion.The world continues to change and the color scheme of female individuality, like a litmus of future changes, a reflection of a new personality!It is an element of encompassing change that makes us capable of creating a new,definitely feminine world.The life style of a woman who is herself always.Beautiful in the evening and sophisticated in the afternoon”.


From an early youth,Selina,who was born in Latvia,nourished her imagi nation, longing for beauty and fairy tales, nourishing him with impressions of painting, music, poetry,cinema, drama,design.She started to sew very early and when she was only twelve years old,she already began to sew, creating interesting images and outfits for herself.Inspiration and creativity have neither time,nor space,nor age.They have no words to speak,they just show themselves.She absorbed the love of sewing from her grandmothers, who had talents for embroidery with beads and richelieu.Therefore, in all the collec tions of the designer you will find l ace and richelieu – this is a connection between generations and traditions.

Selina Keer has come a long way from a student of experienced professionals in the family business to a guest creative designer for other brands.She grew up growing her own model of beauty and expressing it in her creations. And this life is dedicated to fashion and beauty.